To play booky is to avoid all other responsibilities in your daily life in favor of reading books, reviewing books, thinking about books, writing about book news, and booking abook books. As it happens, I am an expert at playing booky. No, seriously. Ask my cluttered, disheveled bedroom about it. Oh, David, don’t you think you should be a reasonable adult and clean me? Definitely bedroom, just let me finish reading all the books and I’ll get right on it.

My name is David by the way. I’m a human living in North Carolina after graduating from college, but I like to pretend I’m a dog. Especially that dog on the right. His name is Dexter and he doesn’t know what a book is, but if it squeaks he definitely wants one. The dog on the left is Hazel. She knows all about books, but she’s old now and cares more about eating, sleeping, and being uncomfortably close to you whenever it thunderstorms.

If you want to send me a book or an email filled with smiley faces or even ideas about how to make this blog better please contact me through



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  1. I was walking on Stone Lagoon Beach in Humboldt County, Calif., today (6-17-13) when I saw a book inside a plastic bag stuck in a crevice in a rock! The book was “The Drowned World” by J.Gl Ballard, with a note taped to the back from “The Scout Librarian.” It said I should “feel free to take this book home,” and to “find my blog, twitter, or email.” Here I am! The book tour map didn’t indicate that you were coming way out here, plus no dogs are allowed on this beach!! So I’m wondering if this was left by you, David, or an imitator. Whoever left it — it was fun to find, and should be fun to read.

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