8 comments on “The Lucky Tour: Garden District Books

  1. Another Damn. I lived 12 blocks away from this store when I lived in N.O. the second time. I was on Constantinople (I had to, I loved Confederacy of Dunces) I never came across this shop. I used to trek all the way to the French Quarter in the New Orleans heat for my books.

    • The French Quarter? Oh my, that’s a trek. I specifically planned my trip so I’d hit the southern spots (new Orleans, Houston, all of Arizona) before the summer heat got too intense. And it was still too much for me.

      • Coming from New York, I was used to walking, but that heat was brutal. You’re from North Carolina? I lived in Greenville (well, technically Winterville) for about a year. I didn’t know how to drive until N.C. I still haven’t mastered city parking thanks to my southern forays.

      • City parking gave me so much stress on my trip! I do love North Carolina though (minus the atrocious and embarrassing way our state government has gone the past couple years). What were you in Greenville for?

      • I have family that lives there, and I’d never been. It was different. Do you find your part of it culturally satisfying? (that sounds so snotty, but that’s not how it’s meant)

      • I definitely do, but I’ll say it depends on where you are. The research triangle park (Durham, Raleigh, chapel hill) is really the place to be. But in general I like the confluence of country and city (small city, that is) life.

      • Greenville is very ECU. It wasn’t my style. I made some amazing friends and learned to drive, so I’ll always think of it fondly. It was just too far away from the types of things I enjoy.

        Which was your favorite city? I see you’ve been to so many. I follow Algonquin (had to, I love Dorothy Parker–I do this a lot. ) on Facebook. I remember seeing a camel.

      • Yeah, I wasn’t going to say anything, but Greenville is kind of a bore. Even my friends at ECU get out of Greenville every chance they get. If you ever make it back to NC, I’d suggest Durham and chapel hill. Durham has some sketchy areas, but its downtown restaurants and night life are really thriving. And there is a small town just outside of chapel hill called Carrboro that has a Brooklyn feel to it without the frenzied college atmosphere that chapel hill sometimes has.

        Ha. Yeah the camel was from Antigone books in Tucson, Arizona. It was one of my favorite stores on the trip and one of the owners is obsessed with camels.

        I still can’t just pick one place as my favorite! I loved new Orleans, San Diego, San Francisco, Boulder and Chicago. Austin and DC were probably the biggest disappointments.

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