2 comments on “Why I Don’t Like Amazon, Part 1

  1. They have already jacked up the prices on their MP3s now that they have achieved a huge market-share. Anyone who thinks that the low book prices are anything other than loss-leaders to lock us all into the Kindle format is living in a dream world. I used to be a huge fan of Amazon but their plan for world domination is depressing – when they fail (and they will fail – all huge companies do eventually) what will we be left with? No book-stores, no online stores, a decimated publishing industry, and even our Kindle libraries still belong to Amazon – we only rent them on a long-term lease that’s dependent on the survival of the company.

    • I didn’t know that about the MP3s. Never been much of a music buff so at this point I just use Spotify and Pandora when I want to hear a song. But, if Amazon has already done that with music, that’s just another red flag for book lovers.

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